25 May 2010

Woahhh...time FLIES when you're having "fun".... :/

Ohh myyyy, the Hulmies go on study leave tomorrow! :@ 7 yearsssss! How fast has it gone?! :O

I still remember the first day I stepped foot into Hulme and I started crying/got really emotional because I missed my old school...let's hope the same thing does NOT happen tomorrow. Hahahaa. ><" *Sighsss* I feel OLD now. ==" Lol, it's going to be soooooooooooooooooooooooo weird not going back to Hulme after the summer hols...Hmmmm...hopefully, I'll keep in touch with some people. :) But yeah, I'll leave it here before I get emotional and start tearing away. Listening to When I Look at You by Miley Cyrus whilst writing this does not help whatsoever. Hahahaa. :)
^ Check my leaver's hoody out. :]

23 May 2010

Summmmmmerrrr. :)

Summer has finally arrived! :) Woop woop!

Check the weather out! It's beautifulllll. =]

Blue skies...Green grass...A light breeze...and of course, SUNSHINEEEE! [Y]

However I'm currently dying from Hayfever. *Sighssss* Hayfever spoils my summer! It's torture!


Why does England have to be so pollenated? Hahaha is that even a word? ><" Oh well, whatever, you know what I mean.


I really don't get how we're supposed to revise in such nice weather. This kind of weather is perfecccctt for going out and just chilling. :D

I soooooo wanna go outttttt. :(


Anyway, I hope you're all enjoying the weather and good luck to those who have exams coming up!

Random quote of the day: "When nothing goes right, go left."


11 May 2010

OMG. Scary stuff.

Random piccy of the day...(Don't you just wish you were a kid again...The good old times...)
Right, somehow, I've got to get all of my ICT coursework done by tomorrow...it isn't going to happen though...but I'll try my best. :P
Anddd ommgggg we're in the middle of May alreadyyyy!! CRAPPPPP! I have four exams next week and I haven't even started revising! :/ : :\ Hmmmm I wonder how I'm gonna get into uni... ><"
*Prays hard*


10 May 2010

Blah Blah Blah. x

Although there are times in my life when I feel as if my world is falling apart, it is times like this which give me hope and the strength to live on...It is the quality time which you spend with your loved ones which make you think "I know I can do this and I am so going to!"
And that's how we pull our way through life.
So let's just live life to the max...don't forget, we only live once...so make the most of it. =]


Yoooohooooo! x

Heyyy! ^^
I have a blog now!
Woop Woop!
Facebook...then Twitter...and now a blog. ><"