25 October 2010

Once upon a time...

There was a girl who was happy and lived life to the full...She had everyone that she loved around her...And now that she has grown up, she has realised that life isn't as pleasant as it used to be...One by one, she has lost the ones that she love...People change...Be aware of that...So never rely on anyone else for your happiness. It belongs to you. And don't let anyone take it away from you.


24 October 2010

It's hard.

I'm finding it so hard to get through this...:(
What should I do?
Just texted you but what do I get in return...no reply...Not that surprised to be honest...but for some reason, it still hurts...even though I know what the outcome is going to be...
Missing you loadssssssssssssssssssssssssss yet there's nothing that I can do about it...*Sighs*


23 October 2010

Not good.

*Sighs* This cold/flu is killing me! Grrrrrr. I actually feel like death. It doesn't help when you have uni and loads of work to do. ><" And I have my first set of uni tests in just over a week. Crap. Someone help me please. :/ :/ :/ And god knows how am I gonna pass, especially DET (Development of Economic Thought). I have learnt absolutely nothing in the lectures/tutorials. As if I'd understand all that philosophical crap. I don't think so mate. I never know what he's on about. >< It's just so confusing and doesn't make any sense to me whatsoever. Economics is an art...oh no, it's a science...what the...?! :@ *Sighs* There aren't even any text books or whatever to revise from and god knows how am I going to write that essay. Arrrrgghhhhhh. Help is needed. :/
*Sighs again* I really do need to get better by like Monday...preferably. :/
Had like 6 tablets today and quite a few cough sweets but they're not really doing their jobs properly. :( And to make matters worse, I look like a right scruff and omgggg my skin's really suffering at the moment. :(
And I have a lot on my mind...hopefully, things will get better over the next few days...


16 October 2010

It's a game.

I've realised that there are some things which just weren't meant to be...
I've tried...and tried...and tried...maybe it's time that I let go...even though I don't want to...But I don't want to be standing here alone for the rest of my life...I need to find my source of happiness too...


10 October 2010

It's gone.

我明白 我們只能放手...♥

09 October 2010


Fight back those tears! Don't let anyone see you at your lowest!


02 October 2010

Love. A word which has more than one definition. x