31 March 2011

Product: Cleansing Express Moist Cleansing Lotion.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I bought this when I was in Tawau (Malaysia) last summer. As soon as I saw the caption "Ready for bed as soon as possible" I was like OMG I must buy this! I am sooooo lazy when it comes to taking my make up off after a longgggg day so when I obviously fell in love with this product at first sight. Haha. I personally like this product as it really does take all of your make up off and it acts as a moisturiser which means that you can go straight to bed after taking all the slap off. It can't get any better than that! However, I would not advise you to do so unless you're REALLY REALLY tired. It would be preferable if you wash your face properly afterwards. The only bad thing about this product is that you have to use like a million cotton pads and it can get a little annoying...but I like how it has a pump which makes things easier. You can only buy this product in Asia so if you want it, order it online. It's definitely worth trying out!


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30 March 2011

The unluckiest girl in the world.

[Yeah I know it's ugly but I was revising at the time, so who cares? ;)]

Seriously, where is all this bad luck coming from?! I've had one of the worst weeks ever. Nothing seems to be going right nowadays. It's simply...bad luck.

I bought a drink from Wong Wong's the other day thinking that I'd be able to drink it on the way home. I tried to pierce a hole in the stupid cup and it just wouldn't go through. Tried again, nope, it wasn't going through. So I tried a little harder for the third time and guess what happened...the whole thing decided to explode!! :/ Seriously what the...?! I didn't even use that much pressure! WONG WONG'S, INVEST IN SOME DECENT CUPS. I bet they buy them cheap crappy ones from the cash and carry! I was sooooooo annoyed...and I felt really bad because it was all over my friend's jeans. :/ And it went all the way down my hoody sleeve. *Sighs* I had to fork out another £3 for a drink from Starbucks instead. ><" *Sighs again*

I went to work on Friday, to help my parents out...I was walking from the kitchen to the counter and what happens...I land straight on my knee cap! It did hurt but I didn't feel anything until days after when I saw a MASSIVE purple bruise on my leg! It was like the biggest bruise everrrrrr!! I was wondering why it hurts everytime I kneel down...><" I'm just...slow. However, I should be grateful that I wasn't holding anything at the time, and that I have pretty good self-control and didn't land on my face instead. I kind of banged my knee against the steamer thingy on the same day in the same place and omg it hurted even more! Oh well...that was just me...being clumsy again. I need to be more careful.

I've had two class tests this week and omg neither of them went well. :/ I'm kind of worried. I really don't want to spend the whole of my summer revising for resits. *touch wood* :/ I REALLY DON'T. Omg that quants test...Grrrrr...you didn't know how ANNOYED I was! It was a computer test...Yes, my uni has to be special and give us tests on computers just to make life harder for everyone. Seriously, what is wrong with doing a test on PAPER? It does just as much harm as it does when you're on a computer!! And at least invest in some decent computers if you're gonna make us do a computer test! My computer took the LONGEST to load and that idiotic maths teacher told everyone to start wayyyy before my computer loaded. There were a few people around my area who were having difficulties trying to load their computers too but did that stupid teacher care? NO. He was like yeah, you can all start. Ours were switched off so it took longer for them to work. The least they could do was switch the damn things on before we went in to do our test! I swear these teachers are either DUMB or don't care at all! All they care about is getting their salaries! Well that was the case for this teacher. The word annoyed doesn't even describe how annoyed I was at the time. I was huffing and puffing all the way through that test! :@ Everyone started the test at different times due to technical difficulties and we all finish at the same time?! What the...?! Is there any justice in this world? I heard some dude shouting "our computers haven't loaded yet so does that mean we will get extra time..." and he shouted back "DON'T TALK." He wasn't talking! He was asking you a question you stupid idiot! Not only were the computers not working, the test itself was SOLLLLLLIIIDDDDDDDDDDDD. I couldn't even do half of the paper so yeah, I can't really see myself passing it. :/ And I certainly didn't have any time to even attempt it as it took more than 10 minutes for my computer to load AND the test was only 50 minutes long...AND we had to sketch the stupid graphs out which took forever...Yeah, as if I'm gonna be able to finish the paper in like 30 minutes...><" I don't think so fooooooooooooooools! I was half way through the test and omg my computer wasn't letting me save any work so I started panicking! I felt like swearing even though I don't...So I had to open like a million other documents in order to carry on..."STOP" the idiot shouts...He told us to save/e-mail our test answers and all that...so I saved everything but then I couldn't save my first minitab worksheet thingy so I told another tutor and he said he would tell that idiot but he never did...That stupid teacher came up to me and was like pointing at my screen and telling me to switch everything off...I thought he was actually going to turn the computer off for me for a minute...even though there were a load of other people who had their computers on and were still trying to save/e-mail everything...So I told him that I couldn't save the minitab project, he tried to "help" but yeah, he didn't even know what he was doing! He was like "Erm I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do about it..." I swear he repeated that sentence over and over again...I was thinking to myself, saying sorry ain't gonna save my work for me, so what do I do now, just delete all the test answers? IDIOT. He kept on telling me that there was nothing that he could do about it...You're a maths teacher for god's sake! And it's part of your job to help students out when they need it!! He didn't even attempt to do anything! Thank god there was another teacher there who helped me save my work otherwise god knows what I would have done...I would have probably sat there and cried my eyes out. ><" So yeah, everything was saved but I couldn't e-mail that stupid idiotic teacher for some reason so hopefully *fingers crossed* my maths tutor has got my test answers or else I AM SCREWED. :/
Woah, that took a while to let out. I was just soooo irritated and I actually felt like crying after that test! Oh well, what's done is done...I can only hope for the "best."

I think I need to do some praying...NOTHING's going right for me these days...Some people might think that it's just me being superstitious...but I don't. I need some luck for a change. GOOD luck...:/

Anyways, I'm going to shoot now and do lots of BFE/LEAP work for tomorrow. URGH. I wonder whether it'll even happen...*fingers crossed*


29 March 2011

Product: Etude House Lower Lashes (#11 under lash).

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I bought these off YesStyle about 2 months ago. I was so excited when I saw them on the website because we don't have fake lower lashes over here in the UK...well I've not seen any...These were about £4-5...a little too much for one pair of lower lashes in my opinion...and I didn't like them that much as they didn't look natural...but what can you expect...they are fake eyelashes after all. I sooooo regret not buying any from Malaysia/Hong Kong over the summer as they would have been so much cheaper over there! Oh well!


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24 March 2011

Product: DHC Eyelash Tonic.

Rating: 3 out of 5.

I bought this product off YesStyle quite a bit ago. It's supposed to renew your eyelashes and make them grow but to be honest, I haven't seen a difference in my eyelashes. Personally, I find the Loreal one more effective. However, it is thinner than the Loreal eyelash renewal serum and that's probably the only thing I like about it. I only bought this because it was new on the market and I wanted to give the brand a try...I don't think I'll be purchasing it again.


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23 March 2011

Product: RMK Herb Mist (Rose).

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I bought this quite a bit ago and I've still got a lot left. Personally I don't think that it's worth the money as it doesn't really do much to the skin. However, it smells quite nice and it is good for hydrating the skin throughout the day...plus it's handy when you're feeling really tired. :D And one thing I love about RMK's products is that everything's natural!


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21 March 2011




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17 March 2011

Girls just wanna have fun...Part 1.

Right, this has been slightly delayed...But it's better than never. :P

Well a few weeks back it was Misbah's birthday! :D so we all went out for a meal at East Z East (http://www.eastzeast.com). Oh my god, it was such a hectic day! We were running behind schedule as usual...as Sarah and I had to go into town...she needed tights (Sally I mean)...and I needed shoes. I spent forever trying to decide which shoes to get from New Look as I didn't have my boing boings there to help me decide. :( In the end I got so annoyed I bought both of them! No, I'm not spoilt, I just couldn't decide...:P Plus, it's really hard for someone like me who has wideeeeee feet to find a pair of shoes that actually fits them, apart from Uggs. :P

We finally made our way to Sally's! Omg it was so scary having to take the shortcut! I thought I was going to get kidnapped or something! Haha, trust me! It isn't the safest area to be in! Anyways, yeah, we got to Bum Bum's in one piece and started getting ready and oh my, we only had like 2 hours to get ready...*thinks* AS IF. You should have seen how MESSY Sally's room was! Thanks to me! :P And Sarah! And the girl herself! Haha. There was make up all over the floor...both straighteners and curlers were burning away...the smell of hairspray and perfume was overwhelming...make up wipes and cotton buds on the desk and floor...Haha, complete madness. Well that is what you get when you leave us three in a room to get ready for a special occasion. We are girls at the end of the day...what do you expect? ;)

It was way past 7 and we were actually meant to be there FOR 7. Oooppss. Sorry Misbah. :/ You know how us Asians roll! Hahaa. There was no chance getting there on a bus...at that time of the day, and in really short dresses and heels. NOOOOO CHANCE. So Bum Bum called the taxi and omg I thought we were gonna raped or something...Haha did I heck! The taxi driver was really weird and you could tell how SCARED Sarah Yong was even though she was sat in between the two of us! ==" Lol we all squeezed into the back of the car and year we were kind of squashed and then the taxi driver asked Sally whether she wanted to sit at the front seeing as we were so squashed and she was like NO NO, I'M FINE HERE. Haha! Anyway, yeah, I still couldn't believe that the taxi driver didn't even know where the restaurant was...and it's meant to be pretty well known around the area...and he's Asian...so how could he not know? But in the end we found it and woah, it was quite posh. :) It was a restaurant for the rich businessmen...and it was extremely busy on the day.

The restaurant was really nice. :) The food was quite nice but it wasn't cheap. 2 Samosas for like £2.35...><" MORE THAN £1 per samosa? It's definitely the most expensive samosa I've had. Haha. AND OMG, DID I NOT TELL YOU ABOUT THE FITTTT WAITER?! He was sexxaayyyyy! Haha. We were just perving oh him all night. :P I swear he was mixed. Must have been. Why is it that all mixed guys are so good looking? And why do I not know any? :'( Lol. Well I did "know" one, he was a "friend's" brother but yeah don't really talk to them anymore...to be honest, I never did, well not properly. Anyway, yeah, that waiter was HOT. He made my day. Mwahahahaa. And he came over to take a picture for us all and then Misbah's friend was like "Is it him that you like..." and he was literally a metre away from us! Embarrassing or what? :/ Oh well. :P I tried to take a picture of him but the quality isn't that good. :/ Yeah I know it's stalkerish. :P Haha! I just had to though. Sorry. =P Oh and did I tell you how he had a really fit bodyyyyy?! :P LOL. I'm so perverted. I know. Mwahahahaaaa.

[My new shoes from New Look!]

[Yeah I know...I did bring a little too...much...:P]

[My Boing Boings: Sarah and Sally!]

[On the way there...]

[It took me forever to use that eyelid glue. It kept going everywhere! :@]

[Yeah...it's a little messy. :P]

[Sarah's done.]

[I wasn't in the picture because I was still getting ready. Haha.]

[My smelly bum bum!]

[You can't not take pictures in the toilet!]


[I look like a giant compared to her!]

[I have never seen so many chillis on a menu in my life!]

[Yeahhhh, it's him. ;)]

[Picture time!]

[Poor lighting. :(]

[They weren't worth it.]

[Currrryyyy. Mmmmmm.]

[I found it fascinating how they placed them naan breads on them rods.]

[The birthday girl! Misbah! :) Isn't she stunning?!]

[*Sings* Money...money...money...in a rich man's world.]

[Group picture! :D The hot waiter took it! :P]

[The girls! :)]


16 March 2011

Product: The Body Shop Big Nail Filer.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Definitely the best nail filer I've ever used! It's relatively cheap and you get 2 in a pack. :)


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14 March 2011

I'm here.



12 March 2011

Liverpool baby!

[I was sooooooooooooo tired. It was a long day.]

[My restaurant. ;)]

[Too much food colouring!]

[My first ever strawberry lolly from Starbucks!]

[Princess Shirley!]

[You just got papped Kirsty!]

[Back to the station!]

[Some random building...]

[Random picture of JMU...]

I went to Liverpool on Wednesday with some friends, Kirsty, Shirley and Christine! :) Jaye didn't come because she was being gay! Haha jokes! She wasn't feeling too good, and just wasn't in the mood to shop so she stayed at home instead...and missed out on the fun! This was my second time going to Liverpool. The last time I went was when my cousin and her mate were studying at JMU, and that was quite a long time ago.

We actually went pretty early but because of me and my Asian genes, I was late...AGAIN. :/ Sorry guys! :P I don't mean to be late all the time! I just can't help it. Haha. Anyway, we got on the train from Piccadilly to Liverpool! :) It felt so weird setting off from Piccadilly. I usually only go to Piccadilly when I need to go to London, which isn't often.

Wwe got to Liverpool around 1-2 ish...and oh myyyy...it was freeeezzinnnggg! It's sooooo much colder than Manchester! That's probably because it's on the coast...but oh my god when the wind hits you, it really does. Brrr.

I'm not sure about you but I love listening to different accents...at first, I couldn't find anyone with a really strong Liverpool accent, but then we heard some taxi driver shouting through his window and it was then that I knew we were in Liverpool. Haha.

We had our brunch at Mei Mei's Restaurant. Haha. Yes, it's my restaurant. :P It took us forever to find China Town because Shirley didn't even know where it was although she goes to Liverpool like all the time. Haha. Useless. :P Jokes! The Dim Sum at Mei Mei's was alright...but oh my, that mango pudding was soooooooooo orange! Did they pour the whole bottle of food colouring in or what? :/ And it didn't even taste nice! I still prefer Kwokies' mango pudding. Mmmmmmmm. And no, I'm not being bias. :)

Our mission for the day was to SHOPPP! To be honest, we didn't even buy that much. Princess Shirley bought the most...as usual. :P I got a cap from H&M and 2 headbands from Accessorize. See, I'm a saver, not a spender. :P I hated how all the shops were "outside." It would have been so much better if there was some kind of shelter, or even better, if they were all in one big shopping centre...However, it would be nice to go there for a shopping spree in the summer, just not when it's raining and windy like it was on the day. ><" The shops seem so much nicer in Liverpool...their New Look is so much posher than ours and I swear there's more choice. :S

We came back to Manchester at around 6-7 in the evening so we didn't really get to see much of Liverpool...but it was better than nothing...and it was nice to be there again after like 7 years! ><"

Afterwards, we went to the Arndale to get some bits and bobs for Kirsty and Shirley...then we all went our separate ways...Lol.
Overall, it was a good day! :) Had a good laugh with the girls!


10 March 2011

I cried for you today.

For some strange reason, I've been feeling quite emotional today. Maybe it's because of him? It's weird how you can be miles away from someone yet still think about him every single day. I was starting to tell myself that maybe my feelings for him were gradually fading away, but I was lying to myself all this time. I know that things will never be the same between us...but there's always that little bit of hope within me. What do I do? Someone tell me, please. I've thought of letting go, I've tried, and...I failed. I know that he'll never care for me the way he used to. I miss seeing his name on my phone. Things have changed so much between us. People really do change. He's living proof. I really would like to know the reason behind all of his...What has caused him to "hate" me that much that he couldn't even look me in the eye when I was with him? He couldn't even bear standing/sitting near me! Am I really that irritating? I haven't done anything though...and I've tried continuously to sort things out between the two of us but nothing seems to work...I guess he really does hate me. I remember asking his sister once, "If a guy doesn't text you back when you constantly text him, does it mean that he really hates you?" She answered..."Yeah." *Sighs* I guess us two were just never meant to be...It's too late. There's no going back. Things will never be the same between us. I just hope that one day either he will prove me wrong, or I'll accept the fact that he no longer wants anything to do with me...I really do need to bring myself back to reality.


05 March 2011

Product: Shiseido Hand Cream.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

I recently bought this off YesStyle. :) This was my first time ever to buy something off YesStyle. I'm actually liking this hand cream...I love its consistency! It's so easy to apply and your hands don't feel oily after using it. And it cost me £7.00 (it was on sale), and personally I think that's a bargain for a Shiseido hand cream. It's definitely worth a try! :)


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02 March 2011

Life...is unfair.

I was in China Town the other day having dinner with my family and there was this guy who was sat on his own, opposite our table...He kept on looking at us and it made me feel so uncomfortable...I decided to look away but I could still feel someone staring at me/us...I'm not sure about you but I get really paranoid when someone stares at me...I just don't like it. I thought the guy was just being weird/nosey/perverted...
Minutes later my mum noticed that he was talking...but he was sat on his own...and we were all confused. My mum was convinced that he was talking to himself but I was thinking "maybe he has one of them bluetooth headsets attached to his ear"...so I had quick glances every now and then...and things didn't look too right...There were many gestures and I was just so confused...One of the waitresses came over to collect our plates and my mum asked her whether he was on the phone or something...and then she told us that he really did have some kind of mental problem and that all the waiters/waitresses at the restaurant have spent a rather long time trying to figure this out. I felt really bad after hearing this. There was me thinking that he was some pervert but really, he couldn't help it. It just comes to show that we should never judge. Never. I thought he was a "normal" person like the rest of us...he ordered like the most expensive veg you could order in that restaurant and then a plate of scallops...and them things cost like £3 each! I felt soooooooooo guilty after finding out that he wasn't all there. It made me really emotional...Maybe we should all stop taking the simple things from life for granted...because you never know...it could be one of us one day.
All I have to say is...that...life really is unfair...and no one deserves to live like that...and remember, be careful with your judgements.