31 August 2011

Korean Drama: City Hunter.


Cute scene! <3


Rating: 4.8 out of 5!

I loveeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeeee loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this drama! One of my favourites this year! I was soooo obsessed with it when it was being aired that I would actually sit at my laptop for hours on Wednesdays and Thursdays, just to wait for an episode of City Hunter to be released! I would definitely recommend this to those of you who are into your Korean dramas! After watching this drama, I think I've fallen for Lee Min Ho! Haha! It's just soooooooooo good looking! He has the cutest smile ever and omg have you seen them dimples?! TOO CUTEEEEEEEEE. And OMG I still can't believe that him and Park Min Young are going out! :O Biggest shock ever! What am I going to do nowwwww? :P Haha! City Hunter is an action/romance drama which makes it suitable for both genders to watch. It's probably one of the hottest dramas this year so hurry if you haven't seen it yet! Even the mother's watched it and she's realllyyy picky when it comes to watching dramas! ;)


If a genie granted you three wishes, what would you wish for?

Happiness. Wealth. Beauty. x

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Motivate me.

I hate how my emotions are constantly changing. It's rather tiring. And it's stopping me from sleeping. Why is it so hard to be happy? Whyyy?
I'm often known as the "owl" amongst my friends as the people around me tend to think that I never sleep...I do sleep...it's just that I sleep at the wrong times. And there is a reason why I stay up so late. I prefer to wait until I'm absolutely knackered and then go to sleep. I don't like laying in bed at night with a million things on my mind. I'd rather collapse on my bed. Does anyone else feel the same way?
I feel sooooooo useless at the moment...I've had the longest summer holiday ever and what have I done? NOTHING. Nothing productive. There's so much that needs doing but nothing's happening. I just wish I had the motivation to get up off my big fat bum and do something useful for once. I feel like a right loser.


22 August 2011

What foundation would you recommend for someone with really bad skin?

To be honest, you should really try and stay away from foundation if you can when your skin's having a bad day. It could make things a lot worse. Especially if you don't take your make up off PROPERLY. However, if I was to recommend a brand, I would choose RMK. x

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18 August 2011

Have you ever been scared of losing everything?

Sometimes we ask for too much.
We need to stop and think about those who are living in REAL poverty and compare what they have to what we have...
Why do we complain about not having the latest gadget when there are people out there who can't even afford clean tap water?
Never take what you have for granted.


which brand of fake eyelashes is good?

Ermmm Shu Uemura...and Eylure. x

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15 August 2011


I should actually be packing but I really can't be bothered...so instead I've decided that I'll do some blogging first, and then go back to the stressful work of having to pack my suitcase and basically move my entire room to Sarah's place. Help anyone? ;)

Soo sooo soooo what's been happening in my life? Nothing much...got back from France just over a week ago...Yeah, I had a good time as you can tell from the pictures that I've been posting on several social networking sites. Yeah, I'm sad, I know. :P Can't help it. That's just who I am. :D
I promise I'll do a blog post on that some time...when I actually have the energy to do so. For some strange reason, I've been sleeping loadsss but I still get really tired. :/ I swear it's because I didn't sleep much during my hol! Is it just me or does anyone else have difficulty trying to sleep on hotel beds? :/ Everytime I lie on a hotel bed I feel like shouting "EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW." They just feel really dirty...:/ Yeah, I know the covers and everything have been washed but still...how do you know whether they've washed them properly? :P

I was meant to be going to Blackpool last Wednesday but thanks to the idiots who thought it would be funny to go around setting cars on fire, I couldn't...thank god we were allowed to change the dates otherwise that would have been £22 down the drain! Soooo yeah, can't wait to go...even though I've already been this year, but that was with family so it's different. ;) Hopefully, it'll be good! And I shall bombard you all with a million pictures.

Apart from all that jizz, my life has just been...normal. I've been eating, working and sleeping...like a pig. Nothing special. :/ I went out with the parents yesterday as Sunday = family day, and basically just chilled. We went to "Chino" Town for dinner and omg we were there for that long that we had our dinner...AND our supper. Yes, it's mad. :D But hellloooo I got to eat congee with them breadstick things AND banana fritters with ice-cream! JUST YUMMMMMMM. :D :D :D But very fattening indeed. I was meant to be going on a diet but yeah, you know what us girls are like when it comes to "dieting"...IT NEVER HAPPENS. Hopefully, one day I'll be determined enough to do so! Target: 50kg! THAT.TARGET.SHALL.NEVER.BE.ACHIEVED.

Right, enough chit chat...Need to pack. Au revoir for now! *WAVES*


you love fake eyelashes much?how often you wear it?

Yeah, I do. :) I usually wear them when I'm going somewhere "nice" or when I can actually be bothered to make the effort. ^___^ x

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10 August 2011

Product: La Roche-Posay Physiological Ultra-Fine Scrub.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

I had pretty high expectations for this product at first but after using it a few times, I was pretty disappointed. However I did use it all up as I didn't want to waste it.
It's a good scrub if you have REALLY sensitive skin as it doesn't irritate the skin. However, as my skin isn't THAT sensitive, I would prefer to use a product which is slightly stronger as I like that exfoliating feel on my skin. :)

Oh, and just out of interest, have any of you lot tried Cure's exfoliating gel? Is it worth investing in?


09 August 2011


Sooooo much has been happening in England!! TOO MANY RIOTS...thanks to all them uneducated people who can't be bothered looking for a job! It's just madness!
For the past three days, all these scumbags have just been rioting around London/Leeds/Liverpool blah blah blah but TODAY, they decided to target Salford, and then of course, Manchester! Well what can I say...it was just a matter of TIME. :/ It really is STUPID how they're all destroying their own COMMUNITY/COUNTRY! Are they off their heads or what?!
It's the government that they're annoyed with! Why kill innocent people?! :@ They've done nothing to you! Don't forget, if it wasn't for these taxpayers, you lot would be living on the streets at this very moment in time! Just bear that in mind before you smash another car window! ==

Now that takes skill!

Hungry anyone?


Whyyyy? Just....whyyyyyy?!

Wrong place mate. :P

:O :O :O

Check their Adidas uniform out!

Free shoes everyone!!

Thanks to all these "rioters" my plan to go to Blackpool tomorrow has been cancelled! GRRRR!! Soooo annoyed! They've ruined my week!
I hope the police actually do something about this! I would like to be able to walk around my town knowing that I won't get knocked down by one of these rioters.
We shall see...

We shall see.


08 August 2011

Film Review: Bad Teacher.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I actually watched this film in a FRENCH cinema! :P We were walking around Champs-Elysees and it wasn't time for dinner just yet so we all thought "Why not watch a film?" So there was us trotting along to the very posh cinema in one of the world's posh-est cities...Originally, we paid to watch a film called Case Depart...but us being stupid meant that we didn't ask the staff there whether it was an English/French film. :P It was pretty obvious that we weren't from the area when we showed him our student cards. == He must have thought that we wanted to learn French by watching a French film or something. It was kind of embarrassing as we had to walk out of the screening like 15 minutes into the film...and we were kind of like sat in the middle of the room...LOL. Embarrassing or what? What was more embarrassing was that we had to go back to the counter and ask whether we could watch an ENGLISH film. Haha! We should have guessed from the name of the film "Case Depart" that it wasn't English. If it was an English film, they would have called it like "Case Departure" or something similar. LOL well what do you expect? We were on holiday! And we had been walking around all day... :P EXCUSES EH. Haha!

Anyway, back to reviewing the film...

I thought it was actually pretty good. :) To be honest, I wasn't expecting too much from it...but to my surprise, it was quite funny. However, I did find Justin Timberlake's character a little...errr weird...Ohhhh and there's quite a few intimate scenes so it definitely isn't one for you kiddos! :P Haha!

I do remember my mate telling me that her mates told her that it was pretty rubbish but we all thought it was pretty good...Hmmmm maybe her mates just have really high standards for films? :P


07 August 2011


Hellooooo peeps! I'm back off my hols! Had a great time with the girlies...so yeah, it's time to catch up with the blogging and all that jizz. Currently half dead as I haven't slept much for the past week or so, so yeah, excuse any spelling mistakes. :P


It's CITY HUNTER of course! :) LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Just finished watching the last two episodes and OMG I still can't believe that the prosecutor died! He was actually pretty hot. :P But Obviously, I still prefer my Lee Min Ho! Mwahahaa. It was soooo sad though! Nearly cried my eyes out! :'( *Sobs* They should have let him and his ex-wife get back together again. Oh well, it's only a drama right? :')


Obviously I have to put LeeHom first! :P But for THIS month, I'll have to put down Lee Min Ho first! How did I not realise how HOTTT he was before?! :O He's GORGGGGGEEEEEOUSSSS. YUM YUM. And omg he can sing! :O Never knew that until the other week when my mum showed me a video of him singing! JUST HOT HOT HOT! :P


Again, it's PARK MIN YOUNG! A.K.A. KIM NA NA! :)
Love the name "Kim Na Na!" Wouldn't it be cool to call your daughter Na Na? It sounds adorableeee. <3 Park Min Young is such a good actress! Wasn't expecting her to be that good! She's tooooo cute! Especially when she laughs!! Hopefully, we'll be able to see her and Lee Min Ho in another drama together! *Fingers crossed* These two definitely make a REALLY good couple! :)


Been eating loadssss of ice-cream lately! :) Miam Miam! Went to Haagen Dazs a few times whilst we were in Paris and omg the ice-cream there is sooo heavenly! Definitely worth the money! ;) LOVE LOVE LOVE THEIR GREEN TEA ICE-CREAM! Apparently, it's limited edition though. :( I think they should sell them in the supermarkets...so that IIIIIII can buy them! Hehe!



I've been through a few tubes already and I'm loving this product. I actually feel that it does calm down my spots. It doesn't make miracles happen but at least it does something, right? I remember buying this a few years back and I saw it in the "Skincare for men" section but who cares? At least it works...well kind of does. :P


CKIN2U for her! :D
I loveee this perfume...Been using it quite often lately. Personally, I don't think it's too expensive for a designer perfume...well compared to some of the others it isn't...However, the smell is pretty strong so it's not one for all.


RMK LIPSTICK IN ORANGE BEIGE (10)! <3 This isn't really a colour that I would usually go for but the RMK saleswoman managed to persuade me into getting it! I love how they make your lips stand out, but not too much, if you get what I mean...and if you're kinda like me, who's too scared to wear bright red lipstick, this might be the one for you! ;) FAVOURITE CITY:

Well it didn't take a genius to work that one out seeing as I've just got back from this beautiful city! :P
I'll save the details for later!


Photoshake! :)
This is a pretty cool app! It's great for combining your piccies! :D However, you have to pay for this app. :( But it's worth the price! Well I think it is! :D


YOU ARE VERY PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Not at all. But thank you for the lovely compliment. :) x

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