29 September 2011

Housewife material? NO.

Well well well...Sarah, Sally and I decided to do some "cooking" for a change! Everything actually went pretty "well" which I found rather shocking. We definitely all deserve a pat on the back!

So what was on the menu...

Sarah: Udon with all sorts of "balls" and veg...oh, and dumplings.

Sally: Mixed veg soup and some strawberry/raspberry dessert! Oh, and she made this iced-tea drink. Can't remember what was in it. I only remember it smelling really flowery!!

Me: Chicken Kiev...Garlic Bread...And mash. :) Initially, I was going to make roast potatoes but there just wasn't enough time!
Our dinner took us 4 hoursssssss to prepare, even though Sarah's mum helped us out! O.O
We are definitely not housewife material.
Haha jokes. It was because we were at Sarah's new house and her kitchen's still emptier than ever! That woman definitely needs more kitchen utensils!

Let's start!

Whattttt? Sally?! Cooking?! Neverrrrrrrrrrrr.

Busy busy busy!

Stupid breadcrumbs wouldn't stick to the chicken fillet!

Thanks for helping Auntie!

Went treasure hunting and found this! :O :P

Sally's soup.

Sally's FROZENNNNN dessert! <3

One of the chefs. ;)

Sarah's udon.

Sarah's dumplings!

My garlic bread! :D


Don't dis! ;)

Last but not least...:D <3 <3 <3

Right, that's all for now.
Ciao peeps!


Would you rather vacation in a city or on a beach?

Errrrmmm...in a city. x

Ask me anything. :)

27 September 2011

Wats your tips to loss weight ? x

You're really asking the wrong person! Haha. EXCERISE. BALANCED DIET. :) Don't cut back on all junk...it's too...unrealistic! Big breakfast, normal lunch, small dinner! Drink lots of water!! Definitely cut back on soft drinks! Drink juice instead if you really hate water that much! Do lots of walking! x

25 September 2011


I went clubbing with a few friends on Thursday night for some "GAME ON" event. :S And no, I didn't dress up. Kind of regret not doing so though seeing as so many people did! :P I could have gone in my united shirt and sweatpants! Jokes!

I told myself not to expect too much from this event seeing as the last one wasn't that amazing and that was meant to be a lot busier, which it was. There wasn't that many people at the "GAME ON" event. :S It was probably because there were a load of other freshers' events going on elsewhere.
Oh well, I still had a good time with my friends even though I was coughing/choking all night long. I definitely wouldn't have gone if I knew I was going to be that ill! Actually I still am! I don't have a clue how I'm going to get through uni! *Sighs* I guess I'll just have to drug myself 24/7. I swear all of the meds that I've been are non-drowsy but I seem to be tired ALL THE TIME. :/ I guess that's what being ill does to you?

Omg I saw this girl at the club and I thought...SLUT or what? Yeah, I know it isn't a nice thing to say but seriously she was like getting off with a different guy every now and then. She made me want to pukeeeee. That girl had no self-respect for herself whatsoever! Shame on her.
There are all kinds of people living on this planet! Just like that really rudeeeeee guy that I saw at the club! One of my friends, Dora, was taking a picture of my friends and I then this guy kind of pushed her as he was dancing so she pushed him back to his "place." (GOOD ON HER!) Believe it or not, that guy actually got his hand and PUSHED her back! I was like :O :O :O! What kind of guy does that?! He obviously doesn't know what the word "gentleman" means. It was sooooooooooo wrong! If I was a guy I would have liked to knock him out! It only took a millisecond to work out how well he was brought up! God knows how someone like him is able to pull a girl!
I just can't stand it when guys are rude! It disgusts me!

My face goes as red as a tomato when I drink! :( Apparently it's a good thing?

Dora (the explorer) and I. :D

A bit of camwhoring!

The girls! <3

I'm never ready for "group" pictures!

That's all for now! Need to watch "In Time With You!"

Have a good evening everyone!


21 September 2011

Can money buy happiness?

Yes and no. x

Ask me anything. :)

20 September 2011

Product: Sally Hansen Double Duty Strengthening Base and Top Coat.

ABSOLUTELY KNACKERED at the moment! Had like 5-6 hours sleep and I look like a big fat panda! *Cries* All thanks to that induction session. =="

Anyway...back to the main purpose of this blog post...

Rating: 4 out of 5!

I'm liking this! I love 2 in 1 products! :P Because I'm lazy like that! Haha. Sally Hansen's products are actually pretty good overall. I would actually recommend this product as it does the job nicely but I wouldn't quite say that it "strengthens" your nails...However, that might just be me having really weak nails. :( The problem with such nail varnishes is that they get gloopy after a bit so yeah, you'll need to invest in a nail varnish thinner, which I currently need. All in all, this product is actually worth checking out...in my opinion. :)


17 September 2011

what is your fave Quo song?

Quo? :S x

Would you rather get up early or sleep late?

Sleep late. I'm definitely more of a night creature. x

15 September 2011

R u always comparing yourself wif someone else ?

Yeah. I want to become a better person. x

14 September 2011

How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?

Uni - Just over half an hour. Going out - An hour or two. Usually two. Haha. x


Look at what I woke up to! :D


Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this!

LeeHom looks soooooooooooooooooooo HOT with his hair spiked up. He should have his hair like this more often! Love the music! Love the video! Love him! HAHA. :D
It's just too cool!
I like how he tries to combine Chinese/Western music together. <3 He's just too talented! He acted everything out himself! No stuntmen were used! PRO OR WHAT?! <3
So yeah peeps! Check it outtttttttt!!


12 September 2011

Highlight of the day!

Even though I've been dying for half of the day, I've found something to cheer myself up with! ;)




11 September 2011

Do you consider yourself fashionable?

No. x

08 September 2011

Me or you? Him or her?

Why must we always compare ourselves to others? Why?

From a young age, we were always comparing our toys...lunchboxes...school bags...why? Does it really matter if she has the latest hello kitty school bag? Or if he has cheesestrings in his lunchbox?
If you're Chinese, I'm sure you'll know what it feels like to be compared against your parents' friends' kids. It happens all the time. It happens to every single one of us. Everyone usually thinks as long as you're you, that's all that matters and you shouldn't need to compare yourself against him/her...Well I'm telling you that's a load of crapppp. Haha.

I remember how my mum used to compare me against other kids and it used to REALLY bug me but I've kind of got used to it now. It was like "Why did she do so well and you didn't?" ALL THE TIME. Errr simply because I'm not as clever as her...or simply because I didn't really...errr...revise? :P HAHA. I was also told 24/7 as a kid that such a body was always better than me and that I was a lot naughtier than that such a body. Errrr mummmm, everyone shows their rebellious side at some point in life...Agree peeps? ;) Haha.

As I got older and older...:/...I began to realise that the people around me are incredibly COMPETITIVE...whether it's friends...relatives...they're all the same. ==" Sometimes it's THAT bad that it leads to jealousy which I think is pretty sad. I understand how it can be a good thing to compare yourself against others in order to make yourself a better person but I swear some people just take it to another level and that's when things get a bit nasty...and everyone starts talking about each other...i.e. A LOT OF GOSSIP and RUMOURS.
Yeah, she has a Louis Vuitton bag but that doesn't mean that you have to have one too...
Yeah, your daughter has done exceptionally well in her exams but that does not give you the right to look down on others and show off...
Seriously people, when are you all going to stop making life difficult for each other?

At the end of the day, we're all human beings so I totally get how things can get a bit feisty between us all after a bit but there really is no need to take it to the next level. It's good to compare at times as it can sometimes give us a sense of direction (in life) and makes us stop for a while to think about what we should do in order to make ourselves a better person, and vice versa. Therefore, I think it's good when people have found themselves a role model or two. :) Also, competing against each other is a source of motivation for all of us to do much better in life and to fight for what it is that we want from this world. However this kind of competition shouldn't cause mini "wars" between family and friends. It's simply unnecessary. Do you not think? I'm not saying that I don't compare myself to others. If I was to say that, I would be completely lying. I used to always think that I HAVE to be better than such a body otherwise I'm a failure in life but that isn't totally true. Just because I might not be for example a faster swimmer than him/her doesn't mean that he/she is better at such a thing. Just remember, no one's perfect. Everyone has their strong points...and their weak points...That's what makes every single one of us special in our own way!

It's good to be competitive...it keeps you "fighting"...but remember, you won't always win. We sometimes have to...lose in life.
C'est la vieeeee!!


dont u ever feel tired of answering all questions from "us"? the ppl u might never met, what am i trying to say is: what's ur motivation?

There is no source of "motivation." If I do get tired of answering them I'll simply won't answer them...or I'd just wait for a bit. x

07 September 2011


Well well well it was Princess Shirley's birthday on the 2nd so wish her happy birthday if you haven't done so yet! :P Haha!

We travelled all the way down to Cheshire just to see her beautiful face, the day before her special day. Thanks to her sister's boyfriend we didn't have to get up extra early to catch the train and it was just so much convenient. :) But I am sorry that I was slightly late. I had to get her birthday present that afternoon and I swear the sales assistant was taking his time! However he was really nice and helped me wrap the gift up blah blah blah. :) Good customer service Selfridges! ;)

We had a BBQ at Shirley's...played on the Wii (it was my first time playing on such a gadget and omg I was so crap ==")...played a bit of Mahjong (I well regret not playing with money as I won quite a few rounds! Haha!)...played basketball with the guys (OH MY...They are sooooooo aggressive when it comes to basketball that it's unbelievable! I got knocked out like twice! Haha. ><)...And last but not least, KARAOKEEEEE. :D :D :D I loveeeeeeeeeee karaoke! :) Even though I can't sing. :( Oh well, it's all about having a laugh right? Now...time for some pics...

Lovely weather! :)


I played on a Wii for the very first time!

Not looking very photogenic in this picture but oh well.



The girls!!



Someone's either really tired or really drunk. :P

Let's singggggggggg.

As red as a tomato.

Dora, Shirley and I.
It felt weird being together in Manchester and not Paris!

Birthday girl and myself.

Finally a picture of all four of us! :D <3

LOL at Will Ng!

Happy Birthday Princess!


I look grumpy! Haha!

A group picture to round things off. :)

All in all, it was a good day! Had a great laugh! Now, time to catch up on some TVB. Catch you later!



06 September 2011

Who's the best teacher you ever had?

My year 6 teacher (Miss Fogg) was realllllllly nice. :) x

04 September 2011


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