30 January 2012

What motto do you live by?

Never say never. x

27 January 2012


The year of the DRAGON has just begun and I would like to wish everyone HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!! :)))
Hope everyone had an amazing time catching up with their family and friends! I certainly did! It was lovely being able to see everyone again. And to the non-Chinese lot, I hope you all had an amazing week too, doing whatever you like doing! :) 
I hope everyone got lots of red packets and ate lots of good food! The amount of food I've been eating lately is unbelievable!! It's kind of scary how BIG my appetite is. :/
Anyway, it's a new "year" so it's time for a new start!!
Make the most of it everyone!
Hope you all have a year filled with lots of love and laughter!

Last but not least, GUNG HEI FATT CHOI!

Now in Mando...

(Course I had to add this in! ;P SIMPLY AMAZING! <3333333)


15 January 2012

do you look in the mirror everyday and say 'i'm so pretty'?cos you are =x

Haha! I wish I could but unfortunately I'm not...but thank you! :)) x

14 January 2012

Review: Clean & Clear Oil Control Film.

OMG I can't tell you how KNACKERED I am! I've BARELY slept for the past few days, thanks to all the assignments. Whoever came up with the idea of assignments is GAY GAY GAY!

Anyway, it's time to do a quick product review...something that I haven't done in a long time. :P

This is probably the best oil blotting "paper" that I have ever used...so far! Love it love it love it! It's such a shame how they don't sell them in the UK. I had to get mine online and waitttt for them. :( However it was definitely worth the wait. UK drugstores should start importing these! I'm actually not sure why they don't sell these over here as we already have most Clean and Clear products? Hmmmm don't get it.
My cousin introduced me to the product when I was on my hols and I have loved it ever since. I like how it does not leave any residue on your face, unlike some other oil blotting papers, I think oil blotting film is definitely a lot more effective than oil blotting paper. I will definitely be purchasing more of these in the future! :)))
A MUST TRY product!


Do you like the rain?

I HATE the rain. x

12 January 2012

It's keeping me awake.

Barely slept for the past few days.
Can't wait to sleep after tomorrow!

Superman? More like Superbabies! :DDDD <3


08 January 2012

Do you like to sing karaoke?

Yeah even though I can't sing. :))) x

05 January 2012

What have you been eating too much of recently?

Chocolate! :/ x

04 January 2012

You Are The Apple Of My Eye...那些年,我們一起追的女孩.

Just watched this so thought I'd do a quick blog post on it as it's still fresh in my mind! =))

LOVED this film! The whole thing was just...touching. :') I cried so much that my eyes are still sore! Haha!
I wanted to watch this a bit ago but living in England means that you can't watch Taiwanese films at the cinema and therefore you have to wait until somebody nice eventually decides to upload it.
This film is mainly about love...and growing up. I found it easy to relate to as it's a film that is mainly aimed at people around my age. There had been a lot of good comments about this film and I think it was the second best film in Taiwan in 2011...something like that...so course I had to watch it. Haha. The male lead also received an award for his role in this film, and this was his first time acting! :O He's only 20! Good on him! Loved the characters, loved the actors/actresses, loved the storyline...loved everything! :) However there was one thing that I didn't like...I didn't like how the girl had to marry someone else! My heart bled for the male lead! He liked her...she liked him...why didn't THEY get married? :( *Sobs* Oh well.

If you haven't seen it yet...HURRY!
It's definitely worth watching!


What is your favorite ball sport? (football, basketball, tennis etc)

Ermmmm...I like playing basketball and tennis but if I had to pick one...probably basketball. :) x

03 January 2012


This topic has been on my mind for a while so thought I'd just let it out. :)

I SERIOUSLY don't get why people are so mean to one another...when there's no reason for them to be. You've not done anything to them...they've not done anything to you...so keep it that way?
I want to use Weibo as an example. For those who aren't oriental probably won't know what Weibo is...but yeah, it's a social networking site...one way of putting it is that it's the Chinese version of Twitter...but with a few more functions. I swear I'm always getting weird comments off people on there! They're either really snide comments, or perverted/dirty. It's just UNNECESSARY. I think it's quite funny how people who don't even know you think that they have the right to judge you...I'm sorry but you simply don't. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but have some people never heard of the saying "IF YOU HAVE NOTHING NICE TO SAY, DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL." Some people need to learn that quote. It might help them live longer! I think it's even funnier when most of the people on there are of your own race! To be honest, you should be nice to everyone...not just your own race but you would have thought that if you were the same "colour" as them, they'd be nice. That is obviously not the case. I bet some people just do it for attention which is kind of stupid because you're going to just get reported and blocked...so don't waste your time, and definitely don't waste mine either. I'm sorry but I'm not taking crap from anyone and I do not need horrible comments all over my profile. It would be much appreciated.

We've all been taught to be nice to everyone that we meet but that most certainly does not include using/taking advantage of others.
A lot of you probably feel the same, but I swear like half of the people I know only talk to me when they NEED me...Helloooooo, I'm a human being just like yourself, I ain't some toy that you just pick up when it's playtime, and then throw away when it's hometime. I'm needed when I need to replace someone else's place...I'm needed when something needs to be asked...I'm needed when something needs to be bought...basically, I'm needed when I'm needed. I also find it pretty funny how some people don't even make the effort to pretend that they're not using me. It's just way too obvious...and they think that they can get away with it. Well do you know what, one day you're going to have a taste of your own medicine!
Okay, everyone needs help at some point in their life but it would be nice if you could talk to me on other occasions and not just when you need to borrow something or whatever. I AIN'T AN ITEM.

It's so annoying how people are always taking advantage of others. I see it all the time...and I've experienced it...and trust me, it isn't a nice feeling. There's always going to be that one person who will take advantage of you. That's just life. I'm sorry but you have to give as well as take. It isn't fair if you just keep on giving, nor is it fair if you just keep on taking...
It would be nice if people could just stop being so horrible to those who are less likely to stand up for themselves...and if you're one of these people, it's time to get off your bum and SAY SOMETHING. Don't just sit there and take it. Obviously you might have to at times, for example, if the opponent is your manager or whatever but still, don't let them push you too far. Everyone has their barriers! So keep them up!

At the end of the day, no one needs all this nastiness so it would be nice if everyone could just get on with each other. There's going to be that occasion when you're going to have some sort of argument/fight because at the end of the day, we all have different personalities and there will be clashes. The best thing to do is just stay out of each other's way if that is the case...but then if you've been pushed too far, it's time to stand up and back yourself up!
BE NICE. It isn't that hard really...

If you really can't be nice then just keep your distance, and keep your lips SEALED.


Do you cry over the silliest things?

Yeah unfortunately. :/ x

Are you much of a gamer?

Not anymore. :/ x

02 January 2012

What's the last thing you watched on TV?

Errrrmmmm the firework display in London on NYE. x

What is the last film you watched at the cinemas?

Magic to win! :))) x

Do you agree that 'first loves and first breakups' hurt the most?

To a certain extent...When it's your first "love"/break-up, you never quite know what to expect...therefore it might hurt a little bit more...however as you get older...your relationships tend to get more and more serious, and you fall deeper and deeper, which could mean that it hurts a lot more? It depends on how you look at it really...x

The things you never knew...

多的是 你不知道的事.

Soooo charming. <3


01 January 2012

How do you cope with days where you feel demotivated and disappointed and down?

I just let it all out i.e. CRY AND CRY AND CRY. Watch some tv to cheer myself up...and EAT lots of sweet food. :) x

Do you have a favorite member of SUper Junior?

Yeah! Siwon Choi!!! <3333333333 x

Au revoir 2011...Bonjour 2012!

OMG can't believe how fast 2011 has gone! Where did time go?! O.O
Anyway, hope 2011 treated each and every one of you well...and hopefully 2012 will treat us all even better! :)))

How did 2011 go for everyone?
2011 wasn't too bad for me I guess...if I'm appreciative. Haha. It wasn't an amazing year, but it wasn't too bad either. :) I got into second year of uni...*PHEW*...parents finally let me go clubbing...got to go to Paris in the summer hols...Yeah, life wasn't TOO bad I guess. Haha. Maybe it was a bit on the boring side but hey, life can't be interesting everyday...not unless you're a celeb or some rich dude.

Does anyone have any new year resolutions written down? :)
I can't actually be bothered to write mine down so I think I'll just type them here. Hehee.

1. MUST WORK HARDER AT UNI. This is a must must must! I can't actually tell you how lazy I have been with education these days. I swear I kind of gave education up after year 10. I used to be sooooo keen but these days, I'm like a completely different person. :/ And trust me, it isn't a good thing. Need to find that motivation from somewhere and QUICKLY as I have loads of assignments to do...And time's running out! :////

2. EAT LESS. God knows why I have been so obsessed with food these days! I swear it has something to do with one of my uni friends! She's such a bad influence when it comes to food! Haha she's going to kill me if she sees this! You know I'm only joking Tingles! ;PPPP

3. PAY MORE ATTENTION TO MY APPEARANCE. I have been soooo lazy when it comes to doing facials and cleansing my face every single night blah blah blah...:/ It's not that I don't care about my face, it's just that I simply can't be bothered at times. As soon as I get home I just want to knock out. :P Who the heck wants to cleanse/tone/moisturise their face at midnight?! That would be the last thing on a woman's mind. :PPP Oh, and when I say "pay more attention to my appearance" I also mean that I should dieting but that's kind of included in point 2. ;)

4. SPEND LESS. I've not been shopping as much as I used to strangely, probably because I don't have as much time to? But yeah, I still end up spending quite a bit as I'm always out when I'm at uni and I can never be bothered to make pack lunches so my uni friends and I just tend to eat out 24/7...hence why I have put on soooo much weight in the past year! :/

5. CLEAN MY ROOM. This has been like a mission impossible for me. I said I'd do it like a few years ago and until this very moment, my room is still a TIP. I can't even get into it. That's how bad it is! Hopefully, it'll be sparkling clean soon...;) However, those assignments of mine are top priority at the moment as deadlines are looming upon us. *Sighs*

6. LESS DRAMAS. LESS TV. LESS YOUTUBE VIDEOS. Haha as many of my close friends know, I'm addicted to Taiwanese/Hong Kong/Korean dramas/talk shows. I have to watch at least one episode of Kang Xi Lai Le every single day. :P And I usually go overboard and watch even more and more...and before I know it, it's already time for bed which means that I would have spent the whole doing absolutely no uni work whatsoever. The only uni work that gets done is the uni work that gets done at uni. Mwahahaa. Something definitely needs to be done here...

7. DO MORE EXERCISE. Everyone around me keeps on telling me to do more exercise! It's something that is constantly on my mind but never gets done. Haha. I just don't know where to start to be honest...Do I take up some kind of aerobic classes? Or do I go to the gym? Or do I simply jog around the estate and shake a few moves in my backyard? Advice anyone?

8. (Right, this is going to be my last new year resolution. Need to hurry up so I can get this blog post posted and go to bed. It's already 3am. ://// MAJOR PANDA EYES.)
BE A BETTER PERSON. Inside and out. Don't think it'll happen but I'll try my very "best."

Anyway, those are my new year resolutions...the list could be endless but as I don't have all the time in the world I'm going to leave it there.



What is the bravest thing you've done in your life so far?

The Pepsi Max. :P (The Big One). x

Will you stay up 'till midnight tonight?

I already have done. ^^