28 March 2012

Has summer arrived?

Been out three days in a row now. I think it's time I settle down and start doing some work for a change...Haha AS IF that's going to happen.
I'm currently bored out of my mind and I can't be bothered doing anything. :(
But yeah, I got to see my dear Boing Boings yesterday! It's been like 4 months since we last got together so it was lovely being reunited again. Just the three of us, like old times! :D I might post a few pictures up later on if I can be bothered. But then I might not as I look ugly in every single picture that was taken...but I guess I could always photoshop them. :) Oh gosh, what would we do without photoshop?

OH MY, the weather has been BEAUTIFUL in the UK, for a changeeeeeeeeeeee. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. The sun has finally decided to come out and stay for a change. Let's hope it lasts! However, I'm not looking forward to dying from hayfever.
I really should start buying meds and all that crap to be prepared.
Why isn't there a cure for hayfever? Tell me why someone...whyyyy...
We have cures for biggg diseases but not for hayfever/migraines etc...:S :S :S Hmmm...


12 March 2012

Oi oi.

Tooooooooooo much to do this month. :(
Don't know where to start.
Feel like crap.
Still ill after a week.
I'm tired all the time.
But I'll carry on fighting.

I can't wait for summer to come...*Dreams*
I can't wait to sleep for hours on end.
I can't wait to do absolutely nothing apart from eat, watch tv, and sleep. Well that's what I do everyday to be honest. :P
But yeah, you get the point. ;)


10 March 2012

What famous person would you most like to meet?

LeeHom Wang! :PPP No surprise there! x

06 March 2012

Favoritos de Feb!

I've had a really crap day but I don't want to rant about it as I'll probably end up being even more "emotional" than I already am...
So I think I'll just do a random blog post to keep my mind off things...
Does anyone have any good ideas?

Well seeing as we're in March now...I think I'll do a "February Favourites" blog post...because I'm sad like that. ;)

So here goes...


Gosh, it's annoying how Blogger keeps on trying to get me to change FAVOURITE to FAVORITE. I'm sorry but that's the British way of spelling it. ;)

Anyway...let's get back on track...

Currently, On call 36 Hours/The Hippocratic Crush is my favourite drama! It's definitely one of the best TVB dramas that have been around recently...Loveeee Kenneth Ma! I swear he's getting hotter! ;) He'll definitely be getting a lot of attention for his role in this drama! Can't wait to see the romance blossom between him and Tavia! They certainly make a good on-screen couple.


INSTAGRAM! ( @gameifung )


Love love love this app! It's just great for sharing and even photoshopping photos! It's definitely one of the best photo apps for iphones at the moment! A must have for iphones/ipads/itouches!


Seeing as I love the TVB drama so much, it has probably come to no surprise that I love the soundtrack for it too! :) However, it gets me all emotional every time I listen to it...Great tune though.


Well I decided to read a book for the first time in like a year so I obviously had to put it down. ;)

"Cheryl Cole...Through My Eyes."

An easy read with lots of stunning pictures of the nation's sweetheart!
She's soooooo pretty!
WELL JELL! :P I guess we aren't all that lucky. Haha.


I'm liking this sunscreen, from RMK. :) I've been using it on a regular basis...KIND OF...:P It doesn't feel heavy on the skin which is great. And it has high SPF! A win win!


Or should I say my favourite TV show of all time...;)

Xiao S and Kang Yong make the best TV presenters ever!


I was trying to look for a new mascara so I came across this one, Loreal's Volume Million Lashes (Waterproof). Wait....I think it's this one that I have. :P There's so many of them that I don't even know which is which. Haha. But yeah, this mascara is definitely worth a try!


My cousin got me a couple of these from Malaysia and I'm loving them. It's soooo handy...It's a "hygiene spray" which can be used as a deodorant under the armpits or on the feet if you have smelly feet. :)
It's a shame that we can't buy it in the UK otherwise I'd be repurchasing!

February was an alright month for me. I didn't really do anything exciting...it was just another month. I seriously can't believe how fast time is going! It's scary!
Anyway, I need to jet and get something done. 
Au revoir!
Hope March is a good month for everyone!