27 January 2013

Product Of The Day: RMK Skintuner EX Light.

This is a good quality moisturiser and it is made of natural ingredients which is always a bonus. It keeps the skin moisturised even though it's light. There is an extra moist version of this RMK moisturiser but my skin tends to be more on the oily side so I was recommended this one. It's good for moisture but do not expect anything more as it is not made to get rid off any past spot marks or reduce the number of breakouts etc. It's main purpose is simply to keep the skin nice and moisturised. 


25 January 2013

Product Of The Day: VO5 Revive Me Daily 2 in 1.

I just love 2-in-1 products! This shampoo is great for lazy people like myself. It saves time as you don't have to condition your hair after washing it blah blah blah. I remember buying this for a good price and it wasn't too bad as a shampoo either. It just does what shampoos are meant to do I guess.


16 January 2013

Hong Kong!

Although I was suffering from serious jet lag, had the worst stomach pains ever, and was told off by a stupid woman at a "restaurant" for being on the toilet for than five minutes, I tried my best to enjoy my short trip in the amazing Hong Kong!


Amazing view.

Shirley's friend showed us around for the day!

Enjoying the view...

I can't believe we got to meet up...in HK...How cool.

My god brothers and I. :)

Food food food.

Put the three together and it equals this.

My husband-to-be. :P

I got my hair cut in HK for the first time!

I wanna go againnnnnn!

My companions.

13 January 2013


I never really posted about Malaysia when I got back so thought I'd do so now...they say it's better late than never...

Why don't we have this in England?!

I find it quite interesting to visit temples...my friends disagree.

This little one never fails to make me laugh!

He is one funny uncle!

Love love love.

I stand like a right man at times!
Guess who's the oldest...

Love the scenery at Kundasang! But there's way too many bugs! However, thank god they don't have lizards!

Having the power to make all the men do a cute pose was too funny!


Met some new peeps this summer!

Selca time!

Thanks for the phone case Ping! :) 

Chilling at Sandakan's newest hotel!

I drank numerous glasses of watermelon juice during my stay in Malaysia! Sooooooooooo good!

My little Benji Boy! He's tooooooooooooooo cute!

Char Sui Gon Low Min...I had this for breakfast nearly EVERYDAY. :D

On my way home...:'(
I shall look forward to my next visit to Malaysia. It's one amazing country, that has left me with some AMAZING memories.


09 January 2013

Product Of The Day: Dove Beauty Finish Deodorant.

It's been a while since I last made an effort to do a review so thought I'd do one today. My mum discovered this product a while back and she was telling me how good it was. Normally, a roll-on deodorant just like this one doesn't really work for me as I sweat a lot. For some reason I feel smelly regardless of what roll-on deodorant I use. However, this one actually surprised me as I felt that it was doing what it was meant to do. I've seen in supermarkets that Dove have launched other scents under this line but I don't think they have the "beauty finish" which this one is supposed to have. I am now willing to try out other roll-on deodorants after using this one, instead of my usual crystal rock deodorant. It states on the bottle that it lasts 48 hours but it didn't on me unfortunately. However, I think that it's quite difficult for a deodorant to last that long, especially when you're like me and you literally sweat all the time. All in all, I liked this Dove deodorant and I would consider repurchasing in the future.


06 January 2013

A Break from Uni.

After an intense week of rushing assignments, uni friends decided to meet up before everyone headed home for Christmas. Once again, thank you Tingles for dinner! :) We went to Browns and then decided to go to the Hilton for a few drinks. Loveeeee the view from the Hilton! Love the atmosphere there! It's definitely a great place for couples too as I had realised. Haha.

Start the day off with a selca! :P

We all ordered the same starter! Haha! Scallops...YUM.

My dinner. :)

What the Princess Of Cheshire ordered...

Love mocktails!

JJ and I!

COCKTAIL TIME! (I never knew a cocktail could be so strong! Mine tasted like pure alcohol. Haha.)

Group pic! It's a shame that the picture's so blurry though!

Moi > Tingles > Princess Of Cheshire.

My outfit of the day. ;)

Anyway I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and New Year with your loved ones! Let's hope 2013 treats us all well!