04 July 2013

First Aid Beauty (FAB) Facial Radiance Pads!

I've just finished my second tub of FAB's facial radiance pads. Although I find the smell a little weird, I personally think that the product is quite good. It pretty much does what it says on the label. I did feel that these pads exfoliated and toned my skin. I wouldn't say that it reduced my visible pores much but I guess it did improve the clarity of my skin. However, I still had my "spotty" days, but I assume that is normal for people my age. It was my first time using a First Aid Beauty product and I was pleased overall. My skin can be quite picky when it comes to toners and it seemed to like this one, to some extent. One feature that encouraged me to get this product was that it's alcohol-free. I would definitely say that it's safe for those with sensitive skin. Also, I love how the pads are already soaked. It saves me from having to pour a toner onto a cotton pad which saves me time in the morning, and is simply great for lazy people like myself.


02 July 2013

L'Oreal Volume Million Lashes Waterproof Mascara!

It isn't often that I use up a whole tube of mascara! I actually really liked this mascara and I would definitely consider buying another one in future. It's great for those with really really short eyelashes, like myself. They don't make my eyelashes appear that much longer but I do feel that it helps open up the eye(s). Also, I like how it is waterproof. It actually doesn't smudge easily. I personally prefer using waterproof mascaras as I have really oily eyelids. My eyes tend to get teary quite often too. All in all, a good drugstore mascara. It's worth it.